123The Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 /EOBD Code Reader is a top best obd2 scanner with a color screen. The Autel AL519 help save you time diagnosing what’s wrong with your vehicle . Not only it help you to diagnose the problems but it also offers thousands troubleshooting tips, you will easily terminate incident.
Electronics and diagnostic tool becomes the most important things for people own cars.

Features of scan tool

The tool will make a lot of information quickly and easily, including ordinary code of the manufacturer, code allocation, pending codes, and the vehicles’ CIN, CVN and VIN information. It can use to clear codes, turn off the light engine and reset any monitors of system. This OBD2/EOBD  scan tool has lightweight and portable, it serve you wherever you are anywhere. You can take it be near you.

This tool features a unique and popular with only one-click.

The tool will work with all vehicles including old and modern cars. This tool is operated by 12v battery so it is convenient for you to take away anywhere without power supply. Allows you to update the software using the internet connection. Of course you will not have to pay for this.

Benefits of the Autel Al519 scan tool

The screen on this tool is clear and easy to read with quite interesting colours. These are important characteristics because announcements and indicator only appears on screen.

Besides, this scanning tool is lightweight and affordable. It works with all compatible vehicles. The color screen and troubleshooting tips are great features that it brings users.

It read trouble codes and freeze data from the moment . You can reset them and get a trust view of the codes in live time. You can also record with each a few minutes long. It help you saved the problem encountered, and easily fix the same problem again.

In January – 2014 Autel released an update to the tool is compatible of GM manufactured vehicles.

Special impressions

It is one of the best scan tool.  It is easy to use, easy to portable, and smarts scan. It promises make be satisfied most people.  In addition, it comes with some nice extras such as a fabric storage case, the necessary ODB2 cable, the USB and a software CD.


With this scan tool OBDII  help save you time and money. You own it, you will not need to bring your car to another repair shop or each repair time, you will not be charged.

Autel Al519 scan tool is best obd2 scanner 2015!!